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RHS Chelsea Houseplant Studio, Hope After Humanity 

Showcasing houseplants at RHS Chelsea Flower Show in a naturalistic planting scheme, 'Hope After Humanity' won a silver-gilt medal in the 2024 houseplant studios. Designed by Gemma Haigh of The Plant Parlour, the project was a collaboration with rare plant specialists, GrowTropicals.

Set in the year 2099, 'Hope After Humanity' imagined a future for our planet where scientists' fears of a warmer world were realised. With temperatures estimated to be 4 degrees centigrade hotter on average by the end of the century, what are you doing to curve the curb of climate change?



"You're never too small to make a difference"
Greta Thunberg



Inspired by the apocalyptic genre, 'Hope After Humanity took its lead from moody video games like 'The Last of Us', films like 'I Am Legend' and books like 'Day if the Triffids'. Set in a dark blue studio flat that was provided by Malvern Garden Buildings, the dimly-lit environment was both peaceful and eerie, reflective and suggestive of violence.



A Pinterest board by Gemma Haigh showed images of graffiti by climate activists, tin cans littering the ground and crumbling buildings. Street artist #DFTE created drip-effect graffiti on the external walls of the houseplant studio. Quotes were brainstormed by #DFTE, Gemma Haigh and Sonia Kainth from GrowTropicals. Those chosen included a quote from Greta Thunberg and an adapted quote by Margaret Atwood.


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