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Welcome to The Plant Parlour!

I'm Gemma and I started The Plant Parlour in 2021 to share the houseplants I'd collected with Instagram.


My houseplant hoarding began after I filled my small suburban garden in Surrey to the brim. Caring for indoor plants brought the outside in, reduced my stress levels, and brought me peace.


I now grow many rare plants and have a particular interest in aroids like anthuriums and philodendrons. It is my aim to share as much knowledge as possible about plant collecting and create a community place for like-minded people to share their love of tropical plants.


The Plant Parlour site is here to offer tips and information about houseplants, with an aim to making rare plant collecting accessible to everyone. With sustainability at the heart of everything I do, I'm here to encourage responsible rare plant collecting and share my infectious enthusiasm for tropical plants.

Woman laughing surrounded by foliage


If you're searching for hands on help with your plants then why not check out my consultation services? I can help you create and maintain the perfect houseplant oasis in your home. 

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