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Things to Buy Indoor Plant People for Christmas – The Ultimate Plant Lover’s Gift Guide!

Do you have a plant person in your life, but have NO idea what to buy them? If you’re not into plants yourself then it can be difficult to know what to get someone. Let’s start with the basics: don’t buy them a plant. It’s likely you won’t know their tastes and what’s on their plant wish list.

Houseplants on a windowsill at Christmas.
Houseplants on a windowsill at Christmas.

You’re probably looking for some more exciting plant present ideas, to show that you’ve been paying attention to your loved one’s plant hobby. This list is bursting with Christmas gift ideas for your plant-loving companion and covers everything from accessories to plant consultations. There’s something here for all indoor plant people!


On the other hand, if like me, you’re a plant lover hoping that your loved ones buy you something great for Christmas, then why not send them this plant person’s ultimate gift guide on the sly? This article contains affiliate links which I may receive some commission from. Please note that I would only ever recommend products that I would buy myself. All discount codes and links are functional at time of writing in December 2023.

Corner of a room with shelves, books and plants.
Interior decor at The Plant Parlour.

1. A plant consultation.

If the plant lover in your life loves collecting plants but isn’t quite sure how to care for them, then why not treat them to a plant consultation? It’s the best way to get them the help they need for the plants they’re having the most trouble with!


With consultations available via video for half an hour or an hour, there’s an option for your budget and a time slot to suit all plant parents. To find out more, head to the ‘Services’ section of The Plant Parlour website and click ‘read more’ to find out how to book. If you’d like to arrange a gift voucher, simply drop me an enquiry at the bottom of the services page. I’ll validate your purchase for a year and make the whole process painless!


2. Grow lights.

I know what you’re thinking: grow lights for Christmas? Yes, indoor plant lovers really do love a grow light. If you’re thinking about purchasing some as a Christmas gift but you’re not too sure what your loved one needs, then I’d suggest starting with grow bulbs. Designed to fit in your ordinary E27 or B22 household fittings, the Pianta grow bulb makes a great gift for houseplant lovers. With its full spectrum light, the Pianta is perfect for interior décor and plant growth! Designed in the UK by passionate plant parents, Grow Gang do the Pianta in classic white or a shade of sleek black. With a range of light fittings available on their site, you could also buy the perfect lamp to bring that subtle, modern look to a plant lover’s home. What’s even better is that you can get 10% off on their website with this link. Now you can get a stylish gift at a steal of a price!

Pianta bulb by Grow Gang
The Pianta bulb by Grow Gang.

3. Decorative pots and hangers. If the plant person in your life loves gorgeous interiors and aesthetically pleasing houseplants then think decorative pots, planters, and hangers. With so many shapes and sizes to choose from, try matching the colours to your friend or family member’s home décor to impress them!

For the very best in pots, planters, and hangers, then check out the exquisitely designed, environmentally conscious planters made by Ivyline. With a new range available every season, there are so many materials and styles to choose from that there’s something available for everyone. From hanging seagrass baskets, to reactive glaze bowls, the range will dazzle you with textures and colours. Simply head to the Ivyline website to shop and use ‘GEMMA5’ for 5% off your order!

4. Coffee table books. Who doesn’t love a good hardback book for their coffee table? Whether you use your hardbacks to decorate beautiful bookshelves, look elegant on your coffee table, or you actually read them word for word, they make a great gift. Better still, there’s a whole range of books written by plant lovers and horticulturalists for plant people! For the best range of books about tropical plants, head over to House of Kojo. With titles like ‘In Defence of Plants’, ‘The Hidden World of Mosses’, and Kew’s ‘Rare Plants: Forty of the World’s Most Endangered Plants’, it’s hard not to be intrigued. You might find it difficult not to come away with a book or two of your own! Visit their website to see the full range of coffee table books and use the discount code: ‘THEPLANTPARLOUR’ for 5% off your order.

Ivyline Seagrass Hanging Planters
Ivyline Seagrass Hanging Planters.

5. An interior houseplant transformation. If the plant parent in your life loves houseplants but can’t quite work out how to make them practical and beautiful, then book them an inspirational interior houseplant transformation. Call in an expert to re-design a corner, a wall, or even a whole room, to give it a jungle vibe. Integrating plants in your home has been proven to make rooms feel more peaceful, balanced, and natural.


This gift is perfect if you have a slightly higher budget and want to give the plant love in your life something special for Christmas. Just purchase a voucher and leave them to book the one hour visit in 2024! To find out more, click here or drop me an enquiry at the bottom of the same page.

6. Watering cans and accessories. Think ornate watering cans, aesthetically pleasing spray cans, and handy measuring materials for fertilisers. If the plant person in your life opts for elegant indoor décor, then go for pretty watering cans, glass spray bottles and jugs, and stainless-steel measuring spoons. If your favourite plant person is practical, then go for plastic spray cans that can be easily replaced and plastic watering cans and measuring materials. Having the correct watering essentials is fundamental for great houseplant care! I’ve linked some great watering essentials here, so that you can find something that's right for your favourite plant person. Horticulturalist, Meg, has suggested some of her favourite spray bottles, saying she loves them to “mix concentrates in for pest prevention and fungicide – they're very practical”. You can check out more of Meg’s excellent advice on Instagram at @forestinterioruk.

A caladium on a windowsill in a kitchen
Interior houseplant transformation at The Plant Parlour.

7. A great pair of secateurs. A great pair of secateurs really are essential for a plant person. Always on hand for a trim and a snip, they help to keep our plants tidy, presentable and in shape. I prefer a pair that has long, slim blades to get into those hard-to-reach places, making thinning easier and ensuring it’s possible to reach those straggly stems.

For a premium product that does the job, Imogen, Team Leader at RHS Bluewater, recommends the Niwaki secateurs. They’re strong and sturdy with dependable blades and they’ll last a long time. Try this pair on Amazon and follow Imogen along at @moggeletto on Instagram to see what she gets up to in her day job!


8. Plant art.

This is for the plant lovers who want their home to be full of beautiful décor! If you know their tastes well and are good at picking out art for friends and family, then this one is for you. There are some beautiful aesthetic pieces of plant art out there and it can be hard to choose which pieces are right. For a general idea, Etsy is a great place to start, but if you’re looking for something special, read on. If modern art is this plant person’s vibe, then check out Miki Rose Home, now being stocked at House of Kojo. These digitally hand-drawn prints are created by Miki Rose herself and come in a stunning palette of soft pinks, botanical greens, and naturals. This beautiful collection can be mixed and matched to create the most thoughtful gift for the plant lover in your life! Simply head over to the House of Kojo website and use the code ‘THEPLANTPARLOUR’ to get 5% off your order. You’ll be struggling to decide which pictures to choose! Whilst you’re at it, why not splash out and buy a frame, to complete your Christmas gift?

Philodendron Glorious print by Miki Rose Home for House of Kojo.
Philodendron Glorious print by Miki Rose Home for House of Kojo.

9. Watering stakes. For the travel-loving plant parents who go away frequently on holiday, leaving plants with no water is always a concern! If the plant person in your life isn’t always around to take care of their houseplant collection, then watering stakes are an excellent Christmas gift idea. It's best to choose some that have great reviews and are well-recommended by plant parents.Try the Blumat watering stakes – they’re the gift that keeps on giving. Recommended by Marc, who is @plantsbymarc on Instagram, the Blumat watering stakes are easy to use and rely on a pressure system to drip water plants when they need it. Marc says: “Personally, I’ve used them numerous times to keep my plants happy during my travels, and they have never disappointed me. In fact, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that some even did better with these stakes!” Great for underwaterers and overwaterers too, these watering stakes help plant parents to maintain consistent moisture levels in the potting substrate. To check out the product list I’ve put together, head over to my Amazon list called ‘Blumat Self-Watering System’.


10. A terrarium. Terrariums make a fantastic gift because the plant person in your life can literally fill this glorious glass bowl with the plants they want. There’s just one thing you need to be clear on when buying a terrarium: closed terrariums are best for tropical, moisture-loving plants, and open terrariums (without lids or holes) are best for succulents and cacti. Ivyline offer a choice of two terrarium DIY kits that come with all the substrates needed to build a terrarium. Choose between the Bowl Shape Terrarium DIY Kit and the Bottle Shaped Large Terrarium DIY Kit, using ‘GEMMA5’ for a 5% discount at the checkout. The Tropical Box are terrarium build experts based in Cambridge and recommend that you don’t forget your terrarium instruments when creating one! When working on smaller terrariums, make sure there are extra-long tweezers at the ready. You can find The Tropical Box on Instagram @thetropicalboxx for some terrarium inspiration.

Terrarium on tabletop stop motion by Ivyline.
Ivyline terrarium being created.

11. A Mushroom kit. Could this be the best stocking filler ever? Great for adults and children, mushroom kits give us an insight into the secret lives of fungi. A mushroom kit is novel and quirky and I bet the plant lover in your life has never grown mushrooms before. Have you ever seen such a fun-guide addition to my plant person’s Christmas gift list? (Sorry, not sorry.) Put together by the Yorkshire Mushroom Emporium in collaboration with GrowTropicals, you can buy your very own Grey Oyster Mushroom Kit on the House of Kojo website. Don’t miss out on a 5% discount on your order with the code ‘THEPLANTPARLOUR’. And if you’re wondering what the best thing about this plant-related Christmas present is, it’s that once you’ve grown the mushrooms, you can eat them too!


12. Make a plant pest kit. This Christmas gift idea is quite unique and is bound to make the plant lover in your life smile! Every item in the kit will be hand-picked by you and be based on the colours and variations you choose. Every plant person struggles with pest problems, so you really can’t go wrong with a plant pest kit. Houseplants are most commonly affected by spidermites, thrips and mealy bugs, so help your favourite plant person to fight this battle by giving them all the right tools for the job. Grab yourself a wicker basket and fill it with all the pest-fighting essentials the plant-lover in your life will need. I’ve made a Plant Pest Kit list on amazon with all my favourite products. Include some handy microfibre cleaning cloths, disposable gloves, neem oil, dusting gloves and hydrogen peroxide. For tips on how to dilute hydrogen peroxide solution, check out this blog. You could even print off a copy and include it in your gift box!

Mushroom kit by GrowTropicals and Yorkshire Mushroom Emporium.
Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit by GrowTropicals and Yorkshire Mushroom Emporium.

13. A mini greenhouse. Miniature greenhouses look absolutely gorgeous as interior décor, and they’re functional, too! Tropical plant lovers who enjoy collecting rare and unusual plants often need a place to store their most treasured possessions. A mini greenhouse shelters their favourite plants from harm and helps to maintain a consistent humidity level – something particularly important for developing or acclimating plants that have come from abroad. Stainless-steel is best for miniature greenhouses as they deal with a high level of humidity, and you don’t want them to rust. I’ve added a few beautiful designs to a list of Mini Greenhouses and Cloches. Choose from smaller ones that are perfect for seedlings and slightly larger ones, which are suitable for slightly larger plants.

14. A potting mat.

A potting mat is an essential for any plant person. We’re constantly chucking soil around and making a mess when we re-pot, so a mat helps to keep all the substrate in one place. Purchase one with folding corners that rolls up and can be easily stored away when it’s not in use – the plant lover in your life will thank you for this plant-related Christmas gift!


If you’re looking for a potting mat then this one on Amazon is 30 x 30 inches and will collect up the excess potting mix you don’t want on your floor. If you’re looking for something a bit more bespoke, then check out Rosie, @junglefloor_ on Instagram. Rosie creates potting mats with fabrics chosen by you, for that extra special personal touch. You can order on her Jungle Floor website, from her small business and quote 'TPPGIFT' at the checkout for 5% off your order. She’s a fan of sustainability and reuses all her offcuts to create other products, too!

Jungle Floor potting mat by Rosie Day.
Plant potting mat by Junglefloor Creative.

15. Decorative cloches. If you know that the plant person in your life idolises plants then why not help them make a centrepiece of one of their prized rare plants? Decorative cloches look brilliant when they encase those special additions to a plant person’s collection. Sat on a shelf, a coffee table, or a mantelpiece, they draw the eye to the foliage inside and help to keep plants safe from pests, pets, and dust. There are different types of cloches available on Amazon – short and broad or tall and thin. Some have bases and some have knobs on top. Cloches can be styled with any plant inside, within its decorative planter. Decorate around the edges with all sorts of faux foliage and accessories, to really make them stand out. Check out my list of Mini Greenhouses and Cloches for some inspiration!

16. Soils and substrates. I know what you’re thinking if you’re not a plant person: SOIL?! If you don’t know, then there are dozens of specialist plant mixes and substrates out there, and they certainly make indoor gardening that much easier. If the plant person in your life loves tropical houseplants and is constantly re-potting, then they might really appreciate topping up their stock of substrates! If you know your favourite plant lover has a bit of a fungus gnat problem, then why not treat them to a soil alternative? Lechuza pon is made from lots of tiny mineral stones and greatly reduces the number of organisms living near plant roots! Head to the House of Kojo website for 5% off Lechuza pon when you use the discount code ‘THEPLANTPARLOUR’. If you have a slightly higher budget, then you could even grab them one of the specialist Lechuza self-watering plant pots!

Trowel with soil.
Trowel with soil.

17. Propagation stations. Most plant lovers are propagation addicts, so what could make a more perfect Christmas gift than a propagation station? These beautifully made contraptions feature glass jars and tubes held within wooden stands and hangers. All that’s needed is a bit of water and a stem cutting in each one, to complete the aesthetic. Whether you prefer the hanging propagation stations or the free-standing designs, there’s plenty of options to choose from on Amazon. I’ve put together a list of propagation vessels for you to peruse, so that you can find the perfect present for the plant-lover in your life this Christmas. With speedy delivery on so many items, you’ll still have time to wrap them up ready for the big day.


18. A trip to a botanic garden.

If quality time is your love language, then a botanical gardens trip is the one for your favourite plant person this Christmas. Why not create a handmade gift voucher, promising your plant friend or family member a visit to a plant paradise? Canva will be your best friend if you want to have a go at designing and printing your own voucher - add a personalised message and some photos to make it really special. There are some incredible botanical gardens throughout the UK, including in Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, and Cornwall. My top picks in the South are Kew Gardens in Richmond, and RHS Wisley Gardens in Surrey. If you’re holidaying on the south coast next summer then try Ventnor Botanic Gardens on the Isle of Wight or Trebah Gardens in Cornwall. Plant people really do love a botanic gardens trip, especially if there's a greenhouse!

The glasshouse at RHS Wisley Gardens in Surrey with lake and flowers.
The glasshouse at RHS Wisley Gardens in Surrey.

19. Plant merchandise.

It’s often vibrant, quirky, and full of personality! Plant merchandise can be anything wearable or useable that’s got good plant graphics or witty puns. Maybe the person you’re buying for is a serial tea-drinker who could do with the perfect plant mug, or they need a good graphic t-shirt to show the world how into plants they really are? I’ve put together a full list of plant merch Christmas gift suggestions. Featuring plant pins, t-shirts, journals and mugs, there’s something here for everyone. The plant person in your life is bound to appreciate that you’re helping to fill every aspect of their life with more plants!


20. Vouchers. Seen by some as the ‘cop out’ present, vouchers had to be added to this list as a backup, just in case you couldn’t find anything suitable here for that special plant person in your life. Within this context, vouchers will allow your favourite plant person to buy all the tropical plants and accessories on their wish list.

Avoid gifting your loved one vouchers to a local garden centre unless you know they sell things your partner, friend, or family member wants to buy. If the person you're buying for is a houseplant lover, instead buy them vouchers for a specialist plant store with variety. GrowTropicals and House of Kojo have an excellent range, so they're a safe bet for a voucher.

Light pink T-shirt with monster deliciosa emblem.
T-shirt with monster deliciosa emblem.

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